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My Services either in person or online


Shamanic healing

I have undertaken trainings and workshops with a number of shamans since 2006; The Northern drum, Louise Cheval, several shamans in Peru namely Juan De Dios Kucho, Jez Hughes for one year from the The Second Sight Healing programmeI and for four years with Emma Meadows a practitioner as well as  teacher of  Women's Shamanism and Classical Core Shamanism.

 My experience and training is forever ongoing...

To book a session please contact me

Tarot readings are like adventures. The card spreads are like maps that unfold situations, give clarity, guide you with options on which paths to take, and assist you in making choices in your life.

I work psychically and intuitively, and hold the space in a calm and gentle way

Reading sessions  are 1 hour    £40


Tarot Reading


Bowen is a deeply relaxing remedial therapy which allows the body to realign and heal itself through a  series of gentle moves, rolling over fascia, muscle and tendon fibres. The treatment aids the recovery of energy and relief from tension and pain built up in the body

Sessions are 1 hour    £40


At times life can become overwhelming, confusing and upsetting. I aim to provide a safe, confidential and non-judgmental environment in which you can share and explore thoughts, feelings and be able to gain a new understanding of your situation and a greater sense of wellbeing

Sessions for 1 hour    £40  


I work holistically ( mind, body ,spirit) with all my healings and therapies and here I listen to the client, spirit as well as the body and blend and work with a myriad of tools to facilitate healing.

Shamanically lead - Reiki healing, Chakra balancing, Meditation, Spiritual Counselling 

and even Tarot or oracle cards

going with the flow 

session for  1 hour    £40

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