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Like many others, I discovered my lifework and passion through my own healing crisis in the 1980’s which led to a personal journey that has changed my life. As a consequence of my own experience, I have gone on to train in the worlds of Shamanism, Tarot Guidance, Reiki Healing and Bodywork including Bowen Technique and Indian Head Massage. I also practice , Spiritual Counselling. My journey has taken me to Spain, Hungary, India and Peru, and around the UK taking part in workshops and training courses. I now practice in Newton Abbot, Devon. 

In today’s hectic world, stress and tension are prevalent and lead to all manner of energy loss, physical and emotional problems. If we forget to take care of ourselves, our health inevitably suffers. I will take you on an individual path of healing by drawing on all my knowledge, a bespoke course of healing designed especially for you.

Let your healing journey start here, with me, Karrie Dashwood


Tarot readings or Tarot workshops


Spiritual counselling

Shamanic healing

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Bowen therapy

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