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 The Healing Journey
Online or in Person



Karrie Dashwood

Welcome to my website


Please have a browse but before you do, allow me to tell you a little about myself.

For many years, my life purpose and passion has been the practice and advancement of healing techniques in order to be of service to others, helping them to find inner equilibrium and restore balance in body, mind and spirit, in order to heal themselves and their lives.


Is an old indigenous form of healing that connects us with nature, the universe and everything living. We work directly with spirit,  through their wisdom and compassion, we deliver their healings and knowledge to the client


I am a  professional tarot card reader of more than 25 years,  working psychically and intuitively. I also attend events and run tarot courses


Bowen therapy  is a  form of bodywork. It involves gently rolling over soft tissue and nerve bundles  to promote pain relief.  This helps the body realign and heal itself. It is a very gently therapy and is suitable  for all ages

Articles about healing, Tarot and classes available
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